Our mission is to promote and foster the growth and expertise of professionals working with older adults, adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

The association shall at the local, state and federal level:

1) Advocate for a strong consumer voice on issues affecting our target population.

2)  Investigate, formulate positions, and advocate on issues affecting our customers and/or the systems that serve them.

3)  Provide a forum for information sharing, networking, and collaboration.

4)  Lead and shape programs and services for current and future customers.

5)  Recognize significant contributions of individuals and agencies that enhance

public understanding of issues related to aging or disability.

6)  Provide and support training that promotes growth, leadership, and expertise of professionals within the field of aging or disability.


Why should you be an ADPAW member?

ADPAW advocates to effectively influence the policies affecting your customers.

ADPAW impacts the systems that serve your customers.

ADPAW supports members through sharing of best practices, feedback,

and advice from peers.

ADPAW promotes leadership, expertise and growth among our profession.

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General voting membership in the Association is open to individuals, whose primary purpose is to manage Older Americans Act and/or Aging & Disability Resource Center programs and services.  (Examples: County/Tribal Aging Unit Directors, ADRC Directors, Assistant Directors, Local Aging/ADRC/Tribal Supervisors).  An organization may have multiple general memberships.  Membership is attached to a single position and automatically transfers to a new person filling the same position.

Associate membership (non-voting) is open to an individual, group or organization interested in the association's work.


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Membership Form (fillable)

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